Stadtwanderungen 2021/2: Lobbying, Ochsenbein, Klimawandel und Murten

Ich mache mich in einigen Tage auf in die “Sommer”-Ferien im hohen Norden. In Holzhausen soll es deutlich wärmer sein als hier. Zwischenzeitlich ruhen meine Stadtwanderung.
Nach meiner Rückkehr sind bis jetzt sieben Führungen angesagt. Themen sind Lobbying, Ochsenbein, Klimawandel und Murten. Hier die Uebersicht.

31.8. Stadtwanderung “Lobbying”; Kurs Politische Kommunikation Fachhochschule Neuenburg
2.9. Stadtwanderung “Lobbying/Promenade Politique” Kurs Politische Kommunikation BFH
14.9. Stadtwanderung “Gründung des Bundesstaats/Ochsenbein für einen prominenten Ueberraschungsgast
20.9. Stadtwanderung “Klimawandel” für Läbigs Bern, 1. Gruppe
18.10. Stadtwanderung “Niederlande in Bern” für SP Stadt Bern/GR Kruit
25.10. Stadtwanderung “Murten” für Parlamentsdienste
27.10. Stadtwanderung “Klimawandel” für Läbigs Bern, 2. Gruppe

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Advise for Finding A UKraine Bride On the net

There is no denying that designed for lovers of eastern Eu culture, a Ukraine woman online could possibly be the perfect method to connect and get to know the other person. When one considers all of the beautiful, rich, traditional sites that comprise this beautiful country, it becomes obvious how come these brides are so sought after. For visitors interested in learning even more about the culture, history, and natural beauty of Ukraine, it would be smart to search the web for information at the various Ukraine brides perfect be get married. If you already know someone who is certainly Ukrainian, you may well be able to receive recommendations from him or her to help you get the perfect match for you and your dream marriage. You can also find out about the brides and their customs, languages, and everything else about engaged and getting married in Kiev, Odessa, or additional cities in Ukraine.

The customs in Ukraine is a mixture of different ethnical roots and influences. Many of the customs and persuits that have been passed on through russiancupid erfahrungen generations of families continue to be very much survive today. Some of the more renowned hill channels which tourists enjoy to check out are Petros’ Sq ., and Sportivnaya Square to the east. There are so many ukraine women on the market to get married to men in Odessa and also other cities in Ukraine. You could get information on ukraine mail purchase brides by any of the community ukraine -mail order star of the wedding agencies that operate through the entire country. You can even view their very own profiles to learn more about the kind of guys they are interested in and if they are compatible with you.

the man that find a wife

Another choice for finding a suitable partner to your trip is always to look for ukraine mail buy brides on the net. You can find hundreds of matchmaking sites where you can meet with ukrainian brides via all over the world. Many these businesses will require that you just pay a registration cost so that you have the ability to search through the database of potential companions for a stay at home bride. Nevertheless , some of these sites do not have this requirement and it may be likely to view the profiles of several international seeing couples without paying an upfront price. The number of world-wide relationships that take place among couples whom come from Ukraine keeps growing every year.

Once you have chosen two or three potential partners for your marriage, you need to put in considerable time and effort to get to know all of them better. Try to set up a little while to pay every day with each of the females that captures your interests. It is important to build a strong foundation to your relationship with the Ukrainian mail order bride before introducing her to the soon-to-be husband. The last thing you want to do is surprise the woman you are with by discover an unknown person to you who have you hardly know.

It is possible to meet ukrainian postal mail order wives who all are already betrothed before searching for a spouse on your own. The first thing you should do is usually find out if there exists a possibility that these ladies could possibly be your future better half. There are some companies which concentrate on matching up foreign ladies with foreign men therefore you could use this service if you choose to find a international husband. There’s also a possibility any particular one of these ukrainian women may be the widow of your previous partner who you would want to re-marry. Upon having made contact with one of those previous husbands, it is possible to talk about the possibility of a stay at home star of the wedding with him.

Once you could have met with the ukrainian ladies and you have chosen a name for yourself, the next step is to set up some basic details of them. Check out the marriage out of her mindset and ask her opinion about whether or not she’d want to marry a guy from an alternate country. This will help you to receive an idea regarding the relatives life with this particular lady it will help you to make a decision whether or not you want to be in a marriage with her. If you follow these simple tips and tricks pertaining to finding a ukraine star of the event online, you will definitely be able to produce a happy family group life collectively.

Buying a Wife – How to Make a female Happy and Satisfied

If you want to make a woman happy and satisfied, you have to be patient. It’s not hard to get scary and unattractive, but become civil when asking a woman to marry you. A good better half makes you a better man but not absorbing writing just simply her victim. You have to become a leader. Lastly, be patient. Women is going to open doors in your case if you are persistent.

One thing you must do is always to expand the circle. Don’t start with simple things such as the weather. Once you have established that you are currently suitable, move on to greater issues. Whilst a stay-at-home wife might be tempting, it can be probably not your best option for you. If you would like to find a wife who will support you within your family’s requires, you need to go to church and connect with various other like-minded persons.

was evonka trump a mail order bride

You may also seek for a wife in a romance agency. Whilst this option is risky, a relationship organization can be a smart way to find a better half. However , you must check the backdrop of the prospective partner before signing on with their providers. You should never pay off a single dime to join an agency, and you must never reveal your motives. Besides, some relationship companies send phony brides to lure men into matrimony.

Oriental Marriage and White Relationship

Many Oriental women prefer to get married to a man for unique identity. In Singapore, a third of 30-year-old female university graduates are one. Non-marriage rates for these students happen to be almost of up to their men counterparts. While these kinds of numbers could possibly be shocking, they are important to understand. They just do not want to be treated just like obedient housewives. Instead, they really want a man to appreciate their unique individuality and personality.

In some Asian countries, however , the concept of marrying up is not as acceptable as it once was. In many cultures, ladies of high interpersonal standing are encouraged to marry plan men with higher education. Yet , this system the actual marriage industry unwelcoming to the best-educated women, who can frequently find fewer men with whom correspond their interests. For the best-educated females, the marriage companies are even reduced attractive because they have a higher earning capacity and would be anxious by men with an increase of money.

Although a lot of Asians marrying bright white people is usually unfavorable, it is still the most frequent choice for lots of couples. Simply because the world populace develops, so will the number of guys seeking relationship. The statistics listed below show the percentage of Hard anodized cookware men getting married to white or Black persons. Despite this high ratio, Hard anodized cookware men happen to be more likely to marry a north american than a white man. Therefore , the majority of Asians will marry a north american woman.

In the U. S., the rate of intermarriage between Asian women and white males is substantial. However , in rural areas, the rate is lower. In Southern Jeolla province, 44% of farmers betrothed foreign brides in 2009, while one-seventh of all relationships near your vicinity were to non-Asian men. These types of trends claim that Asian countries have a much more complex ambiance system than they originally thought.

While Asian men and women are able to marry light men, the interracial marriage between those two groups is not really universally approved. For example , mixte marriage is definitely not the same as interracial matrimony. A Offshore man may well marry a white woman who is not of his race. A White woman is more likely to marry a non-Asian man. The other spouse, on the other hand, should certainly always be an American.

The majority of Oriental women who get married to a bright white man currently have similar levels of satisfaction with their marriages. While American men may see a acquire a higher education and larger salary, they’re not going to consider the other for the reason that attractive. They meet spanish girls should prefer to marry an Oriental man who is better educated. In the event that they have kids, they are much more likely to possess a higher cash flow. The male need to be financially secure and have a very good family your life.

how to find an eighteen year old wife

The culture of Asian marriage may be unlike the tradition of the few. While the same genders may marry, the differences between the two teams may make interracial relationships even more problematic. In addition, there are some ethnic differences between the two nations. Interracial marriages could be unsettling for the wedding couple. A marriage that is celebrated in an mixte manner is actually a sign of affection and devotion. As a great interethnic couple, you must also keep in mind cultural traditions and prices that encircle the relationship.

Asian partnerships are seen as robust family values. The Asian divorce rate is a lowest on the globe. In the United States, an average of 1 ) 4 splitting of marriages per thousand marriages can be reported. This low rate is a result of the ethnical variations between civilizations. And a woman may not marry a man she doesn’t take pleasure in – although she may marry men who has similar culture as her. A woman must also be sincere of her partner and not try to take advantage of him.

The choice of a partner is another kind of cultural big difference. Compared to their very own Western furnishings, Asian Americans possess a higher “outmarriage” rate than any other ethnic group. This means that Asians are more likely to marry exterior their own ethnicity. The cause of this is because consider that a marital relationship is action of their personality. But Asian-Americans often times have an uneasy marriage, and their matrimony is the best component to their lives.

The main advantages of Mailorder Brides to be

Many women are looking at the idea of growing to be a mail buy bride. These women can find the perfect spouse and settle down in a foreign country, while all their husbands can build the careers and find out new skills. Apart from this, email order birdes-to-be also benefit from having the capacity to experience various culture and a unique lifestyle, and the procedure is astonishingly simple. In fact , it’s very easy that a child may do it!

While the industry of email order birdes-to-be is often associated with human trafficking and poor treatment, these women will be certainly not actually victims of trafficking. Instead, they can be a part of a growing global community that has come to accept a new way of life and discover a romantic partner. Some men dedicate as little as $1500 to find a -mail order wife, while others use up to $13, 000-$15, 1000 to meet their very own future loved one. While some of such sites are free, you must choose a paid out option if you would like higher reliability and a higher-quality account. You can find a website through catalogs or critiques that are specialized in bringing you nearer to your best mail-order woman.

The price tag on becoming a snail mail order star of the event is relatively low compared to other styles of online dating sites. However , this technique can be time consuming and high-priced, especially if you aren’t careful. This will vary depending on how long you spend communicating with any suitor. The procedure can take several months and the cost varies with regards to the location of the bride. Employing the end, the advantages of mail buy brides are many. You’ll find women who fits your lifestyle, and you should be able to start up a happy family unit together.

There are many rewards to learning to be a mail order bride. The first of these is the fact you’ll have the luxury of choosing the man of your dreams without the trouble and expenditure of a real date. An individual worry about shopping for tickets and spending money on dinners, and your future husband may have a great time with you. With -mail order brides, it’s not hard to become content and fulfilled. You’ll have the ideal significant other without all the work!

One of the major advantages of transforming into a submit order new bride is that an individual worry about paying for tickets and anything else connected with dating. Often , guys who are suitable for you will purchase all the things, including the seat tickets. It’s also easier for you to have a good deal over a bride should you be not actually close to the person you’re interested in. When you are a mailbox order star of the wedding, this is a fantastic option for you.

most beautiful brides

Before you can become a -mail order bride, you need to satisfy your future husband. Most deliver order brides to be will need to be in Canada legally, which means you must be capable to travel to the and speak the language fluently. Then you’ll be ready to meet your new spouse! And it doesn’t have to be a real marital life! In the long run, the key benefits of mail buy brides way outweigh the drawbacks.

Die longue durée Murtens

Das Buch baut auf 20 Karten auf, die in hundertjährigen Schritten Geschichte vermitteln und die mit kurzen Texten umgarnt wird.

Eigentlich ist es ein dreidimensionales Buch. Die erste Dimension ist die Nordsüdachse. Sie reicht von Martigny bis Basel. Es folge die Ostwest-Achse etwa von Brienz bis Pontarlier. Der Clou steckt indes in der dritten Dimension: der Zeit vom Jahre 1 bis ins 2001.
Lässt man die Blätter über den Finger sausen, erfährt man viel über die geschichtliche Entwicklung der welschen Länder(eien), wie man aus dem übersetzten Titel ableiten kann.
Selbstredend ist das Werk auf französisch erschienen und hat den Titel “Atlas historique des pays romands”. Autor ist Christos Nüssli, ein Jurist der Uni Lausanne, der sich auf historische, digitale Kartographie spezialisiert hat. Sein Prunkstück ist der “euratlas”, den man auf Internet frei einsehen kann. Vertrieben wird das neue Buch vom Westschweizer Geschichtsmagazin #Passesimple.

Das Beispiel Murten
Besonders interessiert hat mich Morat/Murten, praktisch mitten drin im Quadrat über das berichtet wird. Studiert man dazu Karte für Karte, begreift man die grossen Linien der Geschichte des Ortes. Alles beginnt in römischer Zeit mit der Strasse vom Grossen St. Bernhard nach Basel. Sie führt über Vevey, Avenches und Solothurn, bevor es über den Jura geht.
An diese Strasse weist der Atlas seit 901 Morat auf. Zentral sind die Verkehrswege, die hier beginnen. So die Erschliessung der Landschaft rechts der Aare über Oltigen, Lyssach, Langenthal, Lenzburg bis Windisch. Von da an ging es über den Rhein nach Norden. Doch dabei blieb es nicht. Wichtigter noch war die neue Spur, welche die Zähringer nach Burgdorf, Bern, Fribourg und Moudon legten; Nebenlinien gingen nach Thun resp. Murten.
Fast schon statisch ist die Zugehörigkeit Murtens zu einer Sprachregion. Das Französische dominierte lange, doch rückte die Sprachgrenze von Osten her näher, bis sie Murten und Freiburg auf der Mittellinie zwischen den Sprach- und Kulturräumen zu liegen kam. Heute heisst es Murten/Morat.
Deutlich weniger stabil erwiesen sich in Murten die Herrschaftsverhältnisse. In burgundischer Zeit gehörte man zur Grafschaft Bargen. Nach der Einvernahme ins Kaiserreich kamen Adlige als Landesherren auf. Zuerst knapp 100 Jahre die Zähringer, dann für 200 Jahre die Savoyer. Abgelöst wurden sie von den Städten Fribourg und Bern, die 300 Jahre eine gemeinsame Herrschaft ausübten. Heute ist Murten/Morat rein freiburgisch.
Der einzige Makel des Buches besteht wohl darin, dass die konfessionellen Verhältnisse auf den Karten nicht erscheinen. Auch da hätte man in Murten von einer langen Zeit sprechen können, denn vor 1530 war man katholisch, danach reformiert und blieb es. Für einmal nicht im Zentrum steht in diesem Buch auch die berühmte Schlacht von 1476, die Murten ins Blickfeld der westeuropäischen Grossmächte katapultierte. Das macht aber nichts, da das ja weitgehend bekannt ist.

Stadtwanderung neu aufgelegt
Ich habe als 20jähriger die RS in Murten verbracht. Das bekam mir nicht so gut. Danach ging ich 20 Jahre nie mehr dahin zurück. Seit 20 Jahren nähere ich mich immer wieder an und heute werde ich vom Städtchen immer wieder angezogen, faszinieren mich seine vielen Beizen und hat mich die Geschichte stets von Neuem überrascht.
Deshalb freue ich mich ganz besonders, meine Stadtführungen durch die verschiedenen Schichten der Stadtgeschichte bald mit einem geschärften Rahmen für die fast dauerhaften Züge Murtens und seiner Landschaft machen zu können. Denn eines lernt man mit dem neuen Atlas: die longue durée der räumlichen Faktoren, welche den Ort prägten, die bisweilen seiner Zeit entrückt scheint.

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Buying a Bride Web based

Buying a bride-to-be online includes spending some funds on a profile and an image to send the girl you’re interested in. However , you’ll also want to find out about the girl, her place, and her people before you make your decision. Investing in a deliver buy bride can be described as wise decision because these kinds of services deliver limitless relationships and connection, and can even help you will find your recommended wife by faraway gets.

One of the main advantages of buying the bride online is that it can be no problem finding a suitable female and at a low price. Most of girls looking to buy a bride online are adolescent, single girls, and fresh widowers or divorcees searching for a better your life. Buying a woman via email order often means spending a good deal of money on the bride-to-be, and the procedure can take years to comprehensive.

best ways to find a wife

-mail order wedding brides are a great alternative, as investing in a bride offline is time-consuming and ineffective. Mailbox order new bride services help millions of women from through out the world to help you discover your perfect match. They help you communicate in safety with the woman you’re interested in and organize the flight and visa, then bring you together. The majority of these companies also help you meet with the groom, to help you be sure that you’ll end up with a cheerful and effective marriage.

You can also hunt for mail purchase brides by age and placement. You can also search for mail buy brides on a paid dating web page. If you want to be specific, you can register online for a VIP fitness center. In exchange to get a monthly service charge, you can gain access to all the equipment on the site. You can also get a few free internet dating sites you can use for your first night out. There’s no injury in looking at other ladies, and they are worth considering.

If you want to acquire a all mail order woman from a second nation, you have to research the before you make your purchase. This can be an essential step because the bride you’re taking into consideration will be currently in that country for the rest of their particular life. Annoying worse than having to pay for the privilege of marrying a foreign girl who talks your language. Fortunately, the online world makes it easy to identify a foreign star of the wedding online. There are numerous sites that let you choose from a vast selection of available women.

Another way to buy a bride on-line is through marriage organizations. While you also can buy a bride through a marriage organization, buying a new bride through a snail mail order service plan is more quickly, easier, and safer. A marriage agency will provide you with the contact information of potential birdes-to-be and help you propose to your new wife. The process can be a long and tiring procedure, but there are numerous benefits. The cost of investing in a bride can be well worth it over time if you’re able to find the right one.

Ways to Be a Great Asian Partner

A good Hard anodized cookware wife definitely will respect her partner’s decisions and offer him time and space he warrants. She will certainly not nag or deliver him with endless requirements. Instead, she will be loyal, loving, and honest. She’ll be the right companion for any gentleman who wants to live a simple life. She is going to respect the decisions and thoughts of her husband wonderful children. If you’re looking for a great Asian wife for your marital relationship or a partner for life, below are great tips for a content marriage.

o Appreciate your partner’s personality. While some Oriental men are known for being incredibly egotistical, a very good Asian partner will appreciate the mind and feelings of her man. For example , the girl should have a friendship with other women of all ages. A good Cookware woman knows how to be a true friend with her husband and may support him in any problematic situation. She will not really be a pushover; she will set her husband’s interests and happiness first.

um Be ready to listen to her husband’s demands. Unless most likely a rich Asian guy, don’t expect your wife for you to do everything you want. A good Oriental wife can listen to her husband and do whatever he says. She’ll become his best friend in bed. She’ll respect his wishes and can respect his tastes. However , you should also understand that an Asian girl will never let her husband influence what your sweetheart wants in the sack.

o Be a friends and family person. Even though many gentlemen look for a woman who will take care of their children, a good Hard anodized cookware partner will certainly respect the necessity of her relatives. She refuse to mind attending to the household chores or preparing food. And even though her appearance will more than likely impress other folks, she’ll end up being grateful being pampered by simply her man. A good Cookware woman will make sure the lady gets the support she requires. If your spouse does not take pleasure in your efforts and definitely will do the same, don’t trouble marrying her.

A good Cookware wife need to be an excellent financial manager. She’ll manage the resources without letting you worry about the funds. In addition to being an amazing partner, an excellent Asian woman will also be a solid partner and a faithful support. You must make an impression on her father and mother and her family. She’ll be thankful to your support and loyalty. This is the most important part of her life. Your spouse will be your greatest asset.

A good Cookware wife can never argue with her partner. The purpose of a lady is to like and look after her partner. As a result, a good Asian woman will not argue with her partner. She will generally try to determine a solution that is reasonable with regards to both of them. Beneath the thick find an Asian female who will not respect her family. The very best Asian spouses are thoughtful. They are sensitive by nature, and they’ll do whatsoever it will require to make all their husbands look loved.

Remarkable First Date Tips For Russian Girls

If you’re interested in dating a russian girl, that you simply in the proper place. There are plenty of tips you can use make an impression the women of your dreams. Keep these tips at heart before you want your first of all date. It is wise to enhance your sneakers, make sure occur to be in very good physical shape, and make sure your clothes happen to be ironed. Remember, a Russian girlfriend appreciates focus and a feeling of humor.

When discussing with a russian gal, be sure to inquire about her along with what this girl likes. She is going to appreciate this kind of since you have an interest in her life. Be sure to share with her about yourself. Besides, Russian females don’t like prudish men. If you’re in the US or Russian federation, you’ll have to make her feel relaxed before you can start the date. So as to have a successful primary date, you need to understand your goal.

Be direct with her. Frequently , russian young girls prefer men who cover their date ranges. This will provide you with the upper hand. Be direct and honest with her. You can create her feel comfortable with you. If you want to produce a first impression, you have to be prepared to spend some time together. The Russian girlfriend you fulfill will probably be thinking about your company. She is going to be excited to talk to you. It’s a good way to get to know her better.

Be polite. Even if if you’re in your first date with an eastern european girl, you have to be courteous. If you wish to impress her, you should produce her feel comfortable with you. Demonstrate to her your passions and attitudes. It’s very very important to her to feel comfortable with you. When you’re in a rush, you need to avoid referring to your ex. Might feel awkward if you do so.

While you should be courteous, you should also always be sensitive. Always be attentive to the girl’s preferences. Don’t talk about your work or your nights out. Don’t speak about your earlier relationships. You need to maintain an optimistic image with a Russian girl. They may notice your time and energy, but they shall be impressed by the honesty. If you’re an aspiring writer, don’t forget to include your interests in your profile.

Not what you need is a man who is irritating to her. You can’t afford to become vulgar or perhaps offensive. Whilst you can be fine, you shouldn’t be rude, especially if that you simply meeting an eastern european girl. The sole exception is certainly when you are honestly nice. Boost the comfort with her. You’ll need to have a whole lot of admiration in order to make her feel at ease in your company.

How to get an Ideal Belarusian Wife

If you are looking for a loved one then there are plenty of things that you must consider when ever trying to find a perfect Belarusian wife. The first thing that you need to know is that not all women in Belarus are exquisite and appealing. In fact , there are many ugly and uncultured spouses in this beautiful country.

You should always make an effort to avoid marrying an ugly or perhaps uncultivated wife so as to have a good marital relationship. It does not means that all the wives or girlfriends in Belarus happen to be ugly and not just attractive. If you are going to marry a beautiful woman then you will have many advantages. But , the problem is that you just isn’t going to have a lot choices. There will only be your two husband and wife in this exquisite country.

The other idea is that presently there might be a lot of restrictions when it comes to faith. Many people in this country don’t have confidence in practicing completely different religions. This means you could be committed to an Orthodox Christian wife, yet you can’t go to church on Sundays. The same applies to additional religions. Therefore , if you want to acquire a religious cost-free life, you may include problems locating a wife in this article.

If you really love somebody then you can constantly try to convert her to your religion. Or perhaps you can easily just simply watch for your turn. People who prefer to stay away from Goodness are often viewed as Unbelievers. Therefore , this might have an effect on your future in this beautiful nation.

And talking about religion, it’s very hard for you a high level00 person who believes in God. Belarusian society considers this illegal to be a God believer. So , you need to search for another wife. But believe me, it’ll be even harder if you should choose to be with her because anyone with allowed to experience a religion.

Besides these things, you also need to consider the culture with this beautiful country. Every country has varied means of doing weddings and other cultural events. Therefore , talk to your close friends and find out what is the most common lifestyle in this region. You will surely get excited about a city that you have never visited before, particularly if it is positioned on the Euro continent.

Meals is one of the key elements that you should consider when you choose to marry from this beautiful country. This country presents a wide range of repas so you will almost always be able to find the best dishes to enjoy. There are a lot of amazing places in this region you can go to. Want to know the best part regarding this city is the cafes where you can sit and still have a cup of coffee and sip a lot of wine.

Presently there are usually many great and well known pubs in which people from all over Europe come to consume and have fun. These are excellent places to find an excellent Belarusian better half. It will not be challenging so you might find your soul mate when you know best places to look. Good luck!

Ways to Have a cheerful Relationship

When you want a happy relationship, its in the way that you deal with disagreements. If you have a disagreement together with your partner, make an effort to work around it or find a skimp. You can’t spend years together without having valid disagreements, thus you’ll need to learn how to compromise and agree to don’t agree. A happy few checks in together when they are separate. You can’t have a healthy relationship without a lot of challenges.

Focusing on the positives within a relationship is essential to its health insurance and longevity. When you are constantly triplex on the downsides in your romance, your chances of staying happy will be slim. Refocusing your thoughts within the positives within your relationship should offset any negative thoughts. Gradually, you’ll be able to stay focused and have a happier relationship for years to come. Whenever you’re here in a cheerful marriage, you are able to avoid complaining and arguing about the tiny things that make your marriage work and maintain your interactions in good shape.

Being start and honest with your partner is the first step toward a happy romance. The best couples don’t let their very own partner truly feel threatened or perhaps uncomfortable. They will embrace their particular ukrainian wsomen peaking english differences and make the best of them. When you are open and honest with the partner, both of you will be more likely to enjoy every single other’s organization and make your relationship. It is critical to take time separate for your health and happiness. Laughter will relax your body and strengthen your immunity process.

A happy relationship even offers a strong first step toward communication. Whether it is a constant conversation about life’s little pleasures or possibly a deep, significant relationship, you and your partner should be open to every single other’s strategies and thoughts. If you want in which to stay a happy marriage for the rest of your daily life, you have to make the work. Absolutely adore is a two-way street, and you simply must for no reason take your relationships without any consideration. A healthy romantic relationship requires a large amount of attention, caution and dedication. It’s well worth the effort.

A happy relationship is not a one-dimensional affair. It’s a unique experience for every single person. Persons in a cheerful relationship want because they are trusting each other. You can talk to your spouse, and they’ll own complete trust in you. You can also make your partner feel great by enhancing them frequently. Even if your lover’s busy, you will find a happy and successful relationship.

A healthy relationship is usually not a rushed or a rushed one. It is just a relationship where both companions are able to speak their thoughts. A healthy couple gives and receives flatters and demonstrates their take pleasure in for each various other. They don’t rush in a commitment mainly because they’re afraid of the rejections and critique. Similarly, a happy couple does not have to be ideal to be successful. An excellent relationship is one exactly where the two partners happen to be content with each other.

Important Russian Internet dating Tips

Are you thinking of learning some Russian internet dating tips? If you do, therefore it’s a good plan to read this post. You can find information about the most wonderful Russian girls in this article and in almost no time, you will be able to make them your own. The first thing you should know about Russian women is that they have a stunning and amazing personality. They are simply very charming and wish to experiment with their looks to impress the admirers. Should you be ready to consider your relationship to the next level, after that here are some Russian dating recommendations that can help you get along with the ladies better:

Family oriented – Various Russian women of all ages are really Russian and from that part, it will be possible to conclude they are family oriented. They want to be close to their loved ones then when they come to learn about your romantic relationship, they will seriously show all their affection by simply sending presents and posting their family’s good remembrances with you. In case you have Russian times who come to your place and stay for prolonged, you can plan a family meet up after some time away from each other. On the other hand, when you plan to meet an european lady exactly who lives far away from your place, then getting a distant reaching may be complex for you. So , the best thing for yourself is to uncover some Russian dating strategies that will help you to know about her personality so as to understand her preference.

Enjoying sociable your life – Learning the abundant culture and great Russia will definitely boost your social life and enable you enjoy the company of Russian women within an ecstasy. The rich traditions and good Russia produce it really well-known as a destination for people who desire to enjoy all their life to the fullest. A large number of people everywhere visit Spain to pay their weekend or some times to enjoy their rich tradition and classic values. Actually you can employ the service of a guide and travel to Italy on your own. But if you don’t want to do so , you can take good thing about online dating offerings.

Online dating sites – Many Russian girls prefer to have a personal online account so that they can find a perfect Russian partner matching to her choices. Many online dating services allow you to search through user profiles of different Russian women and pick the right one for you personally. You can look at their particular photos, personal data and publish your own note to a Russian woman. This will definitely help you get the perfect Russian spouse for yourself.

Try to find out her interests – Some Russian young girls like to dedicate their free time in store shopping, taking a vacation or browsing books. If you are also enthusiastic about these things, then it will be simpler for you to find your Russian partner. You can also search for a common interest prior to starting your internet dating sites. Russian internet dating sites do offer a wide range of options with regards to members. Therefore , you should know several Russian ladies like to do sports or likes to read book.

Don’t make general terms – If you are online chatting with an eastern european woman, for no reason say something that you have not known before. Russian culture is incredibly secretive, hence the first thing that a Russian girl will think about you is certainly your nationality. So , can not say something that you don’t have thought about ahead of. You can try to consider the situation out of her point of view just before you start a relationship with her.

Keeping an The european union Woman Content

Keeping an eurasia female happy can easily be tough. But the fact is, you can retain her content material and a lttle bit happier. Here are some tips: Don’t allow her turn into bored with your company. You should provide her a rest by making her happy with a spare time activity or a pleasant dining out. , nor underestimate her capabilities to improve people’s lives. She’s the most beautiful woman inside the region.

The first thing to accomplish is be certain that your eurasia woman can be happy. This lady needs to be satisfied with her partner and that means you have to do things jointly. Women in europe don’t proper care much for guys. They’re content with having their own children and tend to be not open to becoming part of a relationship. This means that they would like to do almost everything by themselves, and they do want the partners to interfere with that. This is why you have to be completely happy with your spouse.

Additionally, keep the eurasia female happy. Make certain she is confident with you and your companion. You have to be attractive on your partner. The woman should be able to go with you as well. Additionally, she must be able to get along with you. It’s important that you respect the girl you’re with. The European Union is certainly committed to the equality of women. By offering matched pay, you can actually make your wife and mom happy.

Keeping the eurasia woman happy is very important. This is not easy because a lot of men wish to live alone and have simply no partners. And a lot of the time, a man aren’t do this. You must be a good case to a girl in the world. And he/she needs to have a strong function. And the most crucial step is always to keep the eurasia lady content. Taking care of her needs is important.

When it comes to childcare, women need to do more than focus on a man. They have to care for children and make sure they are happy too. A person should not hinder his or her better half. A female’s husband should never make her feel apprehensive. He should try to make his partner happy as well. And a woman should certainly not really be afraid to talk about his thoughts with him. Keeping a great eurasia woman happy is usually an essential part of the lifestyle of any business owner.

Keeping a great eurasia woman happy is not easy. It’s not easy to keep a girl happy you’re consider her interests to be important. However , the girl needs to be capable to make money without much effort. Nonetheless she will hardly ever be happy in the event that she fails to know that jane is not making enough money. She will often stay focused on her work. She’ll do whatever it takes to produce her cash.

Worldwide Dating Sites

If you are looking intended for an international internet dating site, you can find some good ones in this article. Although not all Countries in europe are friendly towards world-wide affairs, they currently have a certain frame of mind when it comes to these kinds of matters. For instance , if you are enthusiastic about meeting someone from a foreign region, you can subscribe to a dating website that helps you interact with singles by all over the world. Have you ever tried employing an online going out with site, you may probably verify the fact that it must be very easy to meet up with a great spouse in the process.

You can find a variety of intercontinental dating sites online, but the first one is the best. These web sites cater to the needs of single males who are curious about dating overseas women. They have a lot of features such as eye-catching designs, specific information on associates, and good customer support. Furthermore, they have a huge user base, which makes it conceivable to find true romance from distinctive countries and ethnicities. Another important aspect to consider think about an international dating internet site is it is accessibility.

Worldwide dating sites also allow you to time frame people via different civilizations. There are many niche market dating sites that focus on a specific ethnic group. For instance, you are able to sign up for an exclusive site to meet up with a single girl from another country. This is an excellent option when you are interested in locating a partner whom comes from some other country. Many international online dating sites will also let one to customize your search for different sorts of people.

No matter the country you live in, overseas dating sites make it easy to fulfill people coming from diverse countries. With the advent of the web, international dating sites have become an incredibly popular method to meet various other singles. In addition to being more accessible to single males, these websites likewise allow you to interact with members of other ethnicities. By enrolling in international dating sites, you can also find potential partners from a different nation who discuss your pursuits. These are one of the most popular options in the world.

Should you be looking for a date from outside your own country, international dating sites are an ideally suited option. These sites allow you to look for singles by diverse nations. Some of the most popular worldwide dating sites own plenty of free features and encourage you to explore new cultures. According to your needs, you can choose between a number of options. Some of the most popular choices are OkCupid, Match, and PlantyOfFish.

The best international dating sites have the ability to associated with process less complicated. These sites are not only highly useful, but they experience excellent customer satisfaction. They will give you the right services for you. They will give you a likelihood to find the best partner. And you will also socialize and have a great time with people you met through these sites. You possibly can make international internet dating sites do the job. The more you utilize them, the more likely you will get a perfect date.

Many international dating sites are free to join and provide a variety of benefits. Typically, a membership rate allows you entry to premium features. Other features include chat, free email exchanges, and live chat. The majority of websites will assist you to communicate with persons from other countries. Nevertheless , if you are not satisfied with all the service, foreign dating sites will not likely work for you. As well as the best world-wide dating websites will also help you find a appropriate partner.

The very best international dating sites allow you to match people right from all over the world. The majority of websites currently have numerous members coming from different countries, which can make it simpler to meet new people. If you are interested in meeting a foreign woman, it is important to pick out a site that accepts people from your country. You will also manage to interact with various other members in a manner that makes the knowledge easier. Also you can use audio or online video chat to get in touch with other individuals.

While there are many international online dating sites, the ones which are best for you happen to be dependent on the country’s traditions. While some of such websites could offer free trials, others will require a membership service charge. You will need to decide which of them is going to suit your preferences. The best way to meet another girl should be to join an international dating internet site. You should also be sure that the international website you decide on has a selection of features, that can allow you to communicate with the person you have in mind.

How you can Be a Great Cambodian Better half

A good Cambodian woman definitely will appreciate the effort and hard work that her husband features put into making her happy. Due to the fact women from this region have not a new lot of experience with foreign guys, and maybe they are usually not wanting to give up time or different interests because of their family. Even if the average associated with a Cambodian woman is twenty-one, the girl with capable of loving her husband in most sincerity and may treat him with respect.

You should go over the future within a casual method, and be ready to start about your lifestyle plans. The majority of Cambodian parents desire their children to be happy and successful in their fresh marriage, which is one of the methods you can make all of them happy. Deliver gifts to your husband and family, and do not forget to share your opinions with your Cambodian wife. You’ll be surprised by kindness of Cambodian women of all ages.

While the country is actually prosperous, many people in Cambodia are struggling for me personally and professionally. Many Cambodian girls marry overseas men, and the career options are limited. Because of the not enough resources in Cambodia, these ladies are often the proper decision for a hubby. However , it is important that a Cambodian girl is a good match for a foreigner. A Cambodian woman is a great choice to get a spouse.

When it comes to the partnership between a Cambodian girl and another man, remember to get romantic and lovable. These types of women are quite dependent on all their husbands, and they do not desire to be left out. A man who is kind, confident, and understanding is likely to make her the very best wife in the world. This may not be to say a Cambodian woman is helpless.

A Cambodian wife may very well be a good cook. She will quickly become knowledgeable about your chosen dishes and know how to prepare them inside the best possible method. While Cambodian women do the job full-time to compliment their families, they are going to dedicate their time to cleaning and keeping the house in top shape. They will make sure that their house is always spotless and in perfect condition. If you are lucky enough to marry a Cambodian woman, you’ll have fun with the benefits of an excellent relationship using your future spouse.

A Cambodian woman is known to always be very intimate. She will be able to tell every time a man can be pretending to be someone other than him self. Her affectionate moments will be remembered for the rest of her lifestyle. Moreover, a Cambodian woman is a great mother. A mom will love her children unconditionally, and will by no means really want to drop them off. During their betrothed lifestyle, it’s important to produce a good choice of her husband.

Eröffnung der Stadtwanderer-Saison: das Erwachen der Zivilgesellschaft

Heute eröffne ich die Stadtwanderer-Saison 2021. Das übergeordnete Thema meiner aktuellen Demokratie-Führung durch die Stadt Bern ist die neu erwachte Zivilgesellschaft. Meine Gedanken zur letzten Station von heute.

Der Staat wird durch die Weltanschauungen der Parteien gesteuert. Die Wirtschaft organisiert sich in generellen und spezifischen Interessen, die Einfluss nehmen.
Und die Gesellschaft? – Die klassische Antwort lautet: durch die BürgerInnen! Oder genauer durch die Zivilgesellschaft.

Woher der Begriff kommt
Den Begriff geprägte zunächst der kommunistische Theoretiker Antonio Gramsci. Er bezeichnete damit jene Teile der Gesellschaft, die sich wie Demonstrationen, Streiks aber auch Selbsthilfegruppen aktiv in der Öffentlichkeit äussern, um die Meinungsbildung und den Gang der Dinge von unten mitzugestalten.
Die Politikwissenschaft spricht heute alternativ von der aktiven Bürgergesellschaft. Gemeint ist Vergleichbares, jedoch losgelöst von marxistischen Hintergrund.
Auf die Schweiz angewendet, denkt man bei der Bürgergesellschaft zuerst an die Vereine, die im 19. Jahrhundert entstanden und namentlich der Männergesellschaft ein öffentliches Gesicht gaben. Abgelöst wurden sie im letzten Viertel des Jahrhunderts durch kollektive Akteure wie Verbände und Parteien.

Die Bedeutung heute
Ihre Vorherrschaft steht heute zu Debatte. Bei den Volksabstimmungen kann man das schon besser beachten als bei Wahlen.
In jüngster Zeit tauchte der Begriff prominent mit der Durchsetzungsinitiative 2016 auf. Die Gegnerschaft formierte sich nicht wirklich aus den Parteien heraus. Auch die Verbände hielten sich vielfach zurück. Aktiv wurden BürgerInnen, die sich gegen die SVP, ihre Themen und Kampagnen stemmten. Ihr damaliger Erfolg hat verschiedene andere Bewegungen inspiriert.
Was zeichnet die neue BürgerInnen-Gesellschaft aus?
Sie macht effektvolle Politik.
Sie macht das nicht aus kommerziellen Gründen.
Und sie haben sich überparteilich strukturiert.
Das aktuell beste Bespiel ist die Kampagne «Helvetia ruft!» getragen von Frauen, welche die Behörden, die Sportverbände und die Wirtschaftsspitzen verändern wollen.
Wie die Männer-Vereine im 19. Jahrhundert, ist die Frauenbewegung der Treiber der neu erwachten Zivilgesellschaft.
Wie stark sie zwischenzeitlich ist, zeigten die jüngsten Wahlen in der Bundesstadt. Die Frauen sind im Parlament in der Rekordzahl mehrheitlich. Freiburg und Lausanne machten das Bern jüngst nach.

Die Demokratie in der Veränderung
Ihre Wirkung zeigte am vergangenen Abstimmungswochenende vor allem bei der eID-Entscheidung.
Es war das erste erfolgreiche Crowd-Referendum der Geschichte.
Es wurde letztlich ohne Parteien lanciert.
Es stemmte sich gegen die Interessenvertretung der Wirtschaft im Parlament.
Und es hatte durchschlagenden Erfolg. 64 Prozent stimmten gegen die Behördenempfehlung. Das Nein war sogar so wuchtig, dass sich VertreterInnen aller Parteien im Parlament zusammenrauften, um sich für eine neues Bundesgesetz in gleicher Sache einzusetzen, das aus dem Nein lernen will.

Ein kleiner Ausblick
Wer weiss, vielleicht erleben wir schon bald weitere typische Referenden des digitalen Zeitalters: Am 13. Juni stehen unter anderen die Volksentscheidungen über das sog. Terrorismus-Gesetz resp. das Covid19Gesetz an. Ihre Trägerschaft haben durchaus zivilgesellschaftlichen Charakter. Die nötigen Unterschriften brachen sie trotz Corona-Restriktionen in grosser Zahl zusammen. Die Agenda der kommenden Monate werden sie zweifelsfrei mitbestimmen. Ob sie den durchschlagenden Erfolg haben wie das eID-Komitee bleibt offen. Für den beobachtenden Stadtwanderer durchaus eine Herausforderung, genau hinzusehen, wie sich die Demokratie heute ändert.

Significant Facts About Belarusian Marriage

If you’re thinking of getting married in Belarus, there are some important specifics to know. Partnerships in Weißrussland are typically incredibly traditional, and the majority of people belarusian brides are very pleased with them. The most frequent misconception about this culture is that men and women are the same. In reality, it is actually much different. The husband and wife share precisely the same economic talk about, and divorce is exceptional. It is important to consider that cases of divorce in Belarus were common, but they had been odd.

The Belarusian women take care of their husbands as if they are their own. Whilst men via foreign countries may claim that the ladies aren’t extremely caring, the truth is quite different. Also in marriages of convenience, Belarusian women are happy to spend more time with their partners, and they tend play with their very own feelings. Within a Belarusian matrimony, the partner is dedicated to her partner, as well as the husband seems the same way.

Whilst Belarusians may have numerous ex-partners, they’re less likely to compare all their new partner to her previous ones. As opposed, men must be patient and understanding, as the majority of woman in Belarus is only going to have one or two exes. As a result, they’re not likely to have too many exes, but they’re sure to have plenty of earlier relationships.

Regardless of the lack of matrimony regulations in Belarus, these women continue to require a man that can impress these people. The best way to make this happen is to turn into acquainted with her father and mother. They’re susceptible to appreciate this and help you make the most of your relationship. They also benefit the relatives support and will give you the possibility to impress all of them. And since the parents often support the marriage, it can be necessary to treat your girlfriend just like a queen.

Much better high cost of apostille, you need to know that the standard age of a Belarusian girl is twenty six. The average regarding a Belarusian woman’s matrimony is very classic. Moreover, the bride and groom are both highly intelligent and extremely passionate. They’re also very good housewives and great moms. Plus the fact that their marriages can be extremely traditional doesn’t signify they’re not desirable.

According to the Belarusian Figures Agency, the divorce rate near your vicinity is above in the adjoining countries, except for Russia. The divorce rate in Belarus has remained consistent throughout the many years of sovereignty. Even though the divorce prices are regularly higher, they’re certainly not increasing right now. However , the country is still the fourth-highest-ranking country in the world with regards to marriages. There are many reasons for this.

Sind wir in einer Diktatur gelandet? Pandemie und politische Mutationen

Der Vorwurf der Diktatur, erhoben von SVP-Tenören, war unüberhörbar. Ich teile die Diagnose nicht. Dich beschäftigt mich bei der Vorbereitung der neuen Stadtwanderng “Pandemie City”, wie sich unser Politsystem in den vergangene 12 Monaten verändert hat.

Was die Schweizer Konkordanzdemokratie ausmacht
Die wichtigen Kennzeichen der Schweizer Konkordanzdemokratie sind mein Ausgangspunkt. Wiederkehrend liest man dazu 10 Punkte:

1. Föderales System mit
. dezentraler Regierungsstruktur
. perfektem Zweikammersystem für die Gesetzgebung
. hohen Hürden für Verfassungsänderungen

2. Intermediäres System mit
. Mehrheitswahlrecht für den Nationalrat
. Parteiensystem aus vielen Parteien
. Willensbildung eng verbunden Sozialpartnern und weiteren Interessengruppen
. Ausgleich zwischen Parlament und Regierung, die ineinander verschränkt sind

3. Regierungssystem mit
. Mehrparteienregierung
. Fachkompetenzen in der Verwaltung
. Kontrolle durch Volksabstimmungen

Das alles zwingt zu Kooperation über Institutionen hinweg.

Was unverändert geblieben ist
Wo gab es in den letzten 12 Monaten Aenderungen, wo nicht? Letzteres ist einfacher zu beantworten.
Das Wahlrecht wurde nicht geändert, das Parteiensystem hat sich kaum geändert. Verschwunden sind zwar die die CVP und BDP. Mit der DieMitte ist dafür eine analoge Formation hinzugekommen. Und wir haben unverändert ein Vielparteiensystem mit einer erheblichen Polarisierung.

Veränderungen im intermediären Systems
Verändert hat sich aber die Interessenartikulation. Gestärkt wurde die Bedeutung der Spitzenverbände auf Regierungsentscheidung. Erweitert wurde auch der Fächer der Gruppierungen, die Einfluss nehmen. Zudem hat sich eine Covid19 TaskForce als professionelles Beratungsorgan eingebracht.
Zweifelsfrei verschoben hat sich die Bedeutung der Exekutive gegenüber der Legislative. Das hat nicht nur mit dem Kompetenzgewinn des Bundesrats durch das Epidemiengesetz zu tun. Es ist auch eine Folge der Parlamentsentscheidung im letzten Frühling, das Plenum und die Kommissionen aus dem politischen Geschehen zurückzuziehen. Zwar änderte sich dies zwischenzeitlich wieder. Corona-politisch war das Parlament auf dem Höhepunkte der Krise jedoch höchstens ein sounding board zur Regierung. Und für die Umsetzung haben die Regierungskonferenzen der Kantone den Ständerat als Vertreter der Kantone im Bund weitgehend verdrängt.

Veränderungen der föderalen Struktur
Veränderungen finden sich bei der föderalen Struktur. Unter den Bedingungen der ausserordentlichen Lage während der 1. Welle war die Regierungsstruktur eindeutig zentralistisch. Mit der besonderen Lage werden die Kantone wieder angehört, und sie bleiben im Vollzug wichtig. Vom Zustand ohne Pandemie sind wir aber weiterhin einiges entfernt. Das stellt Fragen zu den Zuständigkeiten und Kompetenzen wohl neu.

Veränderungen des Regierungssystems
Behandelt seien auch die Veränderungen des Regierungssystem. Die Volksrechte wurden vorübergehend ausgesetzt. Die Abstimmung vom 17. Mai 2020 wurde vier Monate später nachgeholt. Seither finden sie wieder wie gewohnt statt, auch wenn die Abstimmungskämpfe digitaler sind als bisher. Vorübergehend erschwert waren auch die Unterschriftensammlungen, was vor allem die Referenden mit kurzen Frist. Immerhin zeigten gleich mehrere Komitees mitten in der zweite Welle, dass es möglich bleibt, mit Rekordzahlen für Signaturen ans Ziel zu kommen.
Formal unverändert sind ist die Zusammensetzung des Bundesrats. Um Entscheidungen wird offensichtlich gerungen und das Kollegialsystem hat bestand. Es wird von den Mitgliedern des Bundesrats ausdrücklich gelobt.
Eindeutig erhöht hat sich das Tempo der nötigen Entscheidungen, was sich auf die gewohnte Kommunikation und den üblichen Interessenausgleich ausgewirkt hat. Etwas bekommt man dafür den Eindruck, dass das Bundespräsidium wichtiger geworden ist und vermehrt dem Zusammenhalt der Regierung dient.

Mangelnde Verfassungsgerichtsbarkeit für Grundrechte
Einen grossen Abwesenden bei der Gewaltenkontrolle in der Schweiz vermisst man immer deutlicher. Denn es gibt hierzulande kein Verfassungsgericht. Das wirkt sich auf die Grundrechte aus, deren Einschränkung politisch, nicht aber juristisch beurteilt wird. Letztlich ist das Bundesamt für Justiz, also ein Teil der Exekutive, dafür zuständig. Eine gewaltenteiligere Instanz wäre sicher von Vorteil.
Denn nicht zuletzt mit der Grundrechtsproblematik entstand die neue ausserparlamentarische Opposition, die sich fundamental gegen die Behördenpolitik richtet. Sie ist das Kind des gewachsenen Misstrauens in Institutionen, namentlich in den Bundesrat.

Mutationen der Politkultur stärker als der Konkordanzdemokratie

Die wesentlichen institutionellen Bedingungen, welche die Konkordanzdemokratie stützen, haben sich nicht verändert. Doch ist es in sensiblen Bereichen wie der Interessenartikulation, dem Funktionieren des Bundesstaats und im Innern des Bundesrats zu Veränderungen gekommen. Zudem dauert alles viel länger, als man angenommen hat. Und die zweite Welle hat sie Zuversicht gekappt, dass es bald einmal vorbei sei und keine weiteren Wellen drohen.
Verschoben haben sich einige Kennzeichnen der Konkordanzdemokratie. Wir haben uns der Mehrheitsdemokratie angenähert, ohne jedoch da angekommen zu sein. Breite Interessenberücksichtigung ist da nicht mehr möglich.
Radikaler als das ist aber die Veränderung der politischen Kultur. Die scharfe Polarisierung mit den bekannten Elementen der medialen Emotionalisierung, Personalisierung und Skandalisierung hat definitiv die Politbühne erobert. Das bedroht die Konsenspolitik vielmehr als die institutionellen Veränderungen.

Pandemie City- eine Stadtwanderung im Werden

Ich habe das schöne Wetter heute genutzt, mich örtlich und gedanklich mit meiner neuen Stadtwanderung zum CoronaRegime in der Schweiz zu vertiefen. Ein erster Faden durch Ereignisse, Orte und Geschichtem liegt nun vor.

Im Moment plane ich eine Stadtwanderung mit 10 Stationen:

1. Der Käfigturm: Übersicht über ein Jahr im Zeichen der Pandemie
2. Das EDI/BAG: die umstrittene Zentrale der Krisenbewältigung
3. Der Balkon zum Bundesratszimmer: Epidemiengesetz und die Macht des Bundesrats
4. Das Medienmedienzentrum: Wo jeden Tag schlechte Meldung kommentiert werden müssen
5. Die schwedische Botschaft: Der große Modellstreit beginnt
6. Der ETH-Rat, Büro Bern: Wissenschaft berät, kritisiert, wird kritisiert und beraten
7. Das EFD: Die finanzielle n Kosten der Pandemiebewältigung sind enorm unübersichtlich
8. Economiesuisse, Büro Bern: Lobbying für das große Ganze und für die kleinsten Details
9. Das Parlament: der große Abwesende erwacht – viel zu spät
10. Wo Referendumsunterschriften eingereicht werden: Die Abrechnung zum Covid19-Gesetz am 13. Juni 2021

Noch nicht eindeutig ist, wie ich die Kantone unterbringe. Allenfalls vor dem Ständerat in der Station 9 oder als 11. Station vor dem Haus der Kantone.

Ich beginne schon mal, Dokumente zu sammeln. Gerne berücksichtige ich auch Vorschläge aus der Runde!


Mein Corona Update

Heute hat der Bundesrat als ein Teil von Vielem und Wichtigem entschieden, Zusammenkünfte im öffentlichen Bereich bis 15 Personen wieder zuzulassen. Das ermöglicht es mir, wieder Stadtwanderungen in kleinen Gruppem durchzuführen – selbstverständlich unter Einhaltung aller Sicherheitsvorschriften!

Ich denke, das Bedürfnis ist groß genug, über das in den letzten 12 Monaten erlebte (Nicht)Funktionieren des Staates leichtfüßig, aber nicht leichtfertig nachzudenken.

Die neue Wanderung soll in Anlehnung an die hier kürzlich publizierte virtuellen Lobbying-Tour, aber zugespitzter auf die Covid19-Zeit Ende März 2021 beginnen. Der vorläufige Arbeitstitel:

„Corona-Update. Politik im Zeitalter der Pandemie“.

Meine ersten 10 Stichworte dazu sind:
. Öffentlichkeit im Stress: Begegnungen, Versammlungen und Massenmedien der digitalen Art
. Ausserordentliche und besondere Lagen: was das Epidemiengesetz mit sich bringt
. Ein gestärkter Bundesrat und ein geschwächtes Parlament
. Das BAG zählt die Opfer, das EFD die Kosten
. Wissenschaftliche Politikberatung dank oder wegen der Pandemie
. Revival des Korporatismus: mächtige Verbände als Lobbyisten
. Der Bern Bär erwacht: Kantone müssen lernen aktiv zu werden
. Parteien zwischen Regierungsstütze und Fundamentalopposition
. Misstrauen, Internet und außerparlamentarische Opposition
. Was folgt aus allem für die Demokratie?

Gerne nehme ich Hinweise für interessante Begebenheiten und Orte dem Kreis der meiner geschätztem LeserInnen auf.

Los geht’s !